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Online Sessions Policy

London, 15 of May, 2020

Celso Mollo Online lessons policy

1 All sessions must be agreed by both parties before any payment is made.

2 There shall not be any payment refund once payment is made, the client, in the this case the person who requested the service, shaw be given another date to complete the transaction, (online session booked), in case Celso for any reason could not fulfill the original booking time previously scheduled.

3 In case the client, for any reason, could not participate in their scheduled session, they will be given one time only opportunity to rebook their online appointment, after date and hour have been agreed by both parties.

4 In case of an interruption of a specific online session, from the service provider, in this case, me, Celso Mollo, both parties agree to reconnect again immediately or reshcedule the remains time of the session to another date as long as the date and time is agreed by both parties.

5 Celso Mollo shall provide this service at the best of how ability, once agreed upon by both parties and paid in full.

6 Celso Mollo can refuse the service before or after payment to any client, in this case, if the client had paid it, a full refund shall be provided to the client to whom the service was refused.

5 This Policy is available to every visitor of my Facebook page "Celso Mollo Westie Grooming Courses" and everyone is welcome to review it and decided if this service and policy is right for them before agreeing on the payment and service.

6 Finally, if you have any questions about this policy and my services please click in the email below and I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Antonio Celso Lima Mollo