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Hi Folks
I've been away from my blog for a long time, part because I have been busy and part because I've been lazy, however I can't afford not to be in the midst of the social media, nowadays when new photographers are born and interesting subjects are discussed.
If you ever visited my website, my workshop page is been under construction for a long time, the reason for that is the fact that I am gathering the most source of information I can possibly get to share with you and decide where and when I am going to start sharing my knowledge in all the areas of photography I consider myself good at.
I have 3 trips lined up for myself this year, one to the Death Valley, one to Columbia River Gorge and the last one in October to Iceland. I will be photographing with masters of landscape photography namely Marc Adamus, Justin Reznick and Jerrod Castaing.
At the end of April I will be shooting at the Columbia River Gorge with my friend and great landscape photographer and Portrait photographer Mike Guilbaut under the tutelage of Reznick.
If you like to photograph waterfalls like I do, you should consider purchasing "The Complete Guide to Photographing Waterfalls and Streams" by Justin Reznick. here is the link: , there you will also find "The complete guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer". Two absolute must if you are into nature and landscape photography. While there, take your time to visit his website and check out his work.
I am glad to be back to my blog and hopefully I will be able to be an active blogger again and share lots of new and exciting stuff to all of you who enjoy my photography and visit my website.
Cheers and Happy New Year!!!!
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