Sleeklens Landscape Workflow - First Impressions

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by Sleeklens to try on their landscape workflow. They offered me either the Lightroom or Photoshop landscape workflow. I decided to take the Photoshop one, since my workflow in Lightroom is already easy and only done to prepare my RAW files for my work in Photoshop.

The presets are very easy to download and to install, they even come with videos to help you getting set.

One very important thing is to understand what each preset does to your workflow and when is the best time to use them during your work.

I selected a couple images and began the test using each one of the presets individually to gage the impact on the specific photograph and also to get an idea of when to use them.

One good thing about Sleeklens presets is the fact that you can use them alongside with your own workflow. You can also use them alone adjusting layers and opacity to easily tweak the effects to your taste.

Some presets come with warnings to let you know how to proceed next or if you have to paint the mask to create the effect.

I undestand that these workflows from Sleeklens will cut a lot of time in post processing images for many photographers but for me, it will become one more tool in my workflow that I use to improve some of my images.

Like anything in photography, there is no magic button that, with one touch, will create fantastic images, I believe that understanding every tool at your disposal will make you a better photographer.

My first impressions are positive and if you are, like me, always looking for new ways to improve your images and become a better photographer Sleeklens is one good option to start.

The two images below are the before and after using Sleeklens: Landscape adventure collection.


Some preset used in this workflow were "Exposure Brighter" to light the image, "Sunset " for the leaves, "Detail Enhancer" for the moss on the tree and "Dark Dreams" for the overal image.



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